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Oliver has been with us for a year now but thankfully, his amazing foster family are caring for him until he meets his perfect match. He really struggled with kennel life and has a few quirks. Here is what his fosterer had to say about him... "he's really sweet, he loves nuzzling up to you and loves a pat, he loves the couch or a chair and loves human company. He's great on the lead and walks along gently beside you, he's very good with other dogs. He has a few quirks like noises that upset him but these can be easily managed by moving him away from the noise e.g. another room or outside. He loves outdoors but equally loves to be inside at night. He's very good and quiet through the night. His biggest fear is sirens, we think he would be best suited to a quiet rural home with somebody who wants a companion dog to take for walks and to sit with at night. Ollie needs his own human so badly and he will return all affection 100 fold!!" Oliver has old injuries to his hindlimb which 'seem to have no affect on his quality of life.' 'Finally, I think he would be ideally suited to an older owner who wants company and affection and understands his need for peace, he's also great with teenagers but I think maybe prefers a quiet life.'

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Our stunning lurcher Saoirse arrived to us, 110 days ago, utterly trauamtised beyond on words. She would cower away from us and shake uncontrollably if we entered her kennel. She was terrified of being touched. She was the saddest, most pitiful girl. We have spent the last 110 days showing her that she can trust us. We have made progress! She now goes on walks and enjoys using her nose to sniff out all the exciting scents. She loves playing with toys and throwing them around the place. Saoirse shares a kennel with her best pal Noddy who has played a huge part in helping Saoirse feel more comfortable around us and more relaxed on walks. They play in our big pen and have fun doing zoomies!? Once play-time is done, they both choose to pile into the same bed and snuggle up together for a lengthy sleeping session.? Saoirse is still very frightened of new people and will do her best to run away from them. She's not comfortable being touched, although she will let us put a lead on her for walks. She will eat from our hands now. She wags her tail when she sees the kennel crew.❤ There is only so much we can do in a shelter environment. We feel that Saoirse is ready to move onto an experienced foster home so that she has more individual attention. She really needs someone who can work on her and give her that one-to-one attention she deserves. Full back up support will be given by our trainer, so if you are thinking you would like to help her but are worried about how to this, we will provide a full plan for her to help build up her confidence. ?The most important thing is that she gets to experience life in a quiet foster home. ?She will definitely need a friendly resident dog to help her adjust to home living. Another houndie would be a huge plus! ? She is easily frightened, so she is a flight risk...therefore a 100% secure garden is a must so she can't jump the walls or escape if she panics for any reason. ? She needs a patient, kind, compassionate person who will accept where Saoirse is at right now and won't put any pressure on her or put her into situations where she will be overwhelmed. Her fears won't be a quick fix. ? Saoirse will need an adult only foster home as children would terrify her. ? She will need to go to a quiet area where there isn't too much noise and traffic. We know her requirements are very specific, but it's important we find the right foster home for her needs. We're all very attached to her and we know, with the right care and with enough time,Saoirse will start flourishing. We just need to find the person who is willing to help her shine.⭐

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Following on from our post on Facebook about "tricky" Eva. We would like to introduce "tricky" Betty. Although Betty has been living at our shelter for the last 123 days, you won't have seen much about her on here. Betty is a gentle collie girl who is around 15 months old. She's not comfortable being handled by us just yet. She absolutely adores her doggy pals and will run about with them all evening in our big pen. When she's in our big pen, with the open space, she follows us around and is very curious about us. However she is not comfortable letting us touch her. In more confined spaces, she is much more scared and will shake in fear if we approach her in her kennel. It's time for Betty to find an understanding person who can foster her. She will absolutely need another dog or two who will play with her and help give her confidence. She will need a quite, safe space she can retreat to if she feels overwhelmed. She will need someone who won't put pressure on her. Betty has never been in a home so it's important this gentle girl finds someone who won't expect too much from this gentle but nervous girl. High, secure fencing is necessary. We will be on hand to offer support to anyone who can take this girl into their home. Moving Betty from our shelter to a foster home will be a huge change for her so we would like a foster person who can commit to caring for her for at least four weeks, in the Galway area. Progress is so limited at our shelter so we are really in need of an experienced and empathetic person to give Betty the help she needs right now in figuring out that people and the world around her aren't as scary as she thinks they are. Can anyone help her out?

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Our HUGE boy Jacob is still waiting for someone to pick him. Standing at over 2ft at the shoulder with his head practically reaching our waist, he is a large malamute. He doesn't have a tail, which is unusual, but whether he was born like that or had it removed is anyones guess. This boy is not for your novice pet owner and there will be a very thorough vetting process for anyone interested. Jacob is strong on lead, but on the other hand he is playful & happy, giving lots of cuddles and leaning into you for rubs. He will happily sit and would be a dream for more training with an experienced owner. He is very focused on livestock, and if they don't run away he will sniff and touch noses with cats & donkeys, but he does have a strong chase instinct so secure, appropriate fencing is essential. We feel he would settle with another dog once they were strong enough to play with him as he has a goofy sense of humour and loves to run.

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