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Would you like to help a rescue dog? Our fosterers play a vital role in caring for our dogs by giving them a chance to experience life in a home, possibly for the first time. Dogs who particularly benefit from foster are puppies, sick or injured dogs (after receiving veterinary care) and dogs who get very stressed in a busy kennels. As well as giving our dogs a break from kennels, fostering also helps us assess the dogs so that we are better informed to find them a suitable forever home. Ideally, foster homes will tick the following boxes.... - Located in Galway - Secure garden - Someone home for a large part of the day - Able to commit to a minimum of 2 weeks If you think you can provide a foster home for one of our dogs, please fill in a foster questionnaire and a member of the team will get back to you. Support will be given to all fosterers.

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* In Foster * Working in rescue is a constant rollercoaster of highs and lows. Recently our boy Goldie went on a trial adoption after 415 days in our care. We desperately hoped his waiting was finally over for good. Very sadly his new home didn’t work out and he is back at our shelter. He took a serious dislike to the neighbour’s cat walking along his boundary wall so instead of Goldie being tormented indefinitely and the possibility of the cat using up its 9 lives, his new family, understandably, decided they had to return Goldie... 415 days...Over a year. That's how long Goldie has been in our care. He has spent the majority of that time waiting at our shelter. He has had two foster homes to give him breaks fom our shelter as he is so painfully stressed out living with us and it's not doing his psychological state much good moving back and forth. Goldie is a three year old ultra charismatic Pitbull Labrador mix whom we all love dearly. The good stuff: 1) He really loves to play outside and if you have a secure garden for him to gallop around in, he will be a very happy boy, 2) He is also a very affectionate boy who would like to hang out with you on the couch. Goldie is a very, very clever chap and he responds really well to positive reinforcement training. 3) He loves his toys and treat filled Kongs and Kong Wobbler. 4) He has quite a few different cues and is just waiting for someone to teach him much more. 5) He is crate trained and muzzle trained. Goldie is really a very sweet lad who needs a patient and understanding person to allow him the time he needs to get comfortable in a new home. Things he needs: a) He will need a home where someone will he commited to help him with his training, b) He has some dog friends but he isn't always comfortable meeting new dogs out and about, so a rural location with a very secure garden would be ideal for him. He can be quite reactive so having someone who is willing to work alongside a positive reinforcement dog trainer is essential to help manage his fears, c) Goldie needs a cat free home. Once he finds a suitable home, we know he will make the greatest companion. He has been waiting so long already. Has anyone a spot in their heart and home for this special boy? If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please fill in an adoption questionnaire and a member of the rehoming team will be in contact. Once we've had a chat an appointment can be made to meet the dog.

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Well over two years...That's how long Brenda has lived in our shelter waiting for a home offer. Now that her kennel pal of two years, Alex was recently rehomed, she is now our longest resident here. We call Brenda one of our "Trickies" because she came in at the same time as our famous "Tricky" family. However, Brenda was actually rescued from a particularly upsetting cruelty case which left her completely terrified of everything and everyone she encountered. She would sit in her kennel, in the one spot, week after week with her back to us. She was just about the saddest creature you could imagine. Being an older girl who had never experienced a "normal" life, we weren't sure we could ever gain her trust but we had to try. And slowly, very very slowly, we started to see glimpses of trust from her. She eventually went to a couple of amazing foster homes (thanks Sinead and Sonja!) where she thrived with one-to-one attention. She came back to us in June 2017 and has been living at our shelter since then. She will always, always have a home with us but we really don't have the resources to give her the kind of life she deserves and most crucially, she gets stressed and quite upset when our shelter is busy and loud so as a team, we are concerned about her. We are seeking out a very special permanent foster home for her where she can live out the rest of her days in comfort and peace. Brenda is now a very affectionate girl. She really enjoys a good petting session and has a lovely waggly tail for those she knows and trusts. She is also a fun girl! She is at least 10 years old but she loves a good game of chase with her pals in our big pen and she loves being brought on long walks by our volunteers, so she will need a home where she gets regular walks. She absolutely adores her food and we've to keep an eye on treat intake because she can become a bit too "rotund!" (Same as ourselves after Christmas! ;) Brenda does come with some issues, which is to be expected considering her past. She has a tendency to spin in circles, barking when she is stressed out, so a rural location with no neighbours close by would be ideal. She gets upset by men she doesn't know, even hearing their voices upsets her. She bonds better with women and prefers being handled by them. Considering how many visitors we receive here on a regular basis, it's not an ideal life for her. She needs one or two people she can rely on and enjoy a calmer pace of life. We do our best to ensure she has a lot of outdoor time and interactive toys to help her cope but we want so much more for her. She gets on well with other dogs but sometimes her behaviour with barking and spinning stresses some dogs out and they snap at her. Ideally Brenda would go to a home where there is a chilled out resident dog. Our whole team absolutely adore this girl. Honestly she is just so special. We bring her into our volunteer cabin, when it's quiet, on our lunch breaks to spend time with her. We call her our eccentric old lady....but you can be sure she was the very first dog to get her Christmas present shoebox on Christmas Eve. She also got another one on Christmas Day! Sometimes it's only the very little things we can do to improve her quality of life. Since Alex got his happy-ever-after, we are hopeful that somewhere out there is someone for this one of a kind gal. The progress she has made since she first arrived to us has been huge. She really needs to go somewhere where she can do her own thing and will be understood for the dog that she is. We really would love for her to experience the joys of a loving home. She really and truly deserves it. 2018 led to many MADRA miracles such as the rehoming of the last of our Tricky family; Peter and Alex, longtime dogs like Screech and other dogs who needed extra understanding, professional help from positive reinforcement dog trainers and dedicated we are grateful to those people. We really wish that 2019 could start with the news that someone understanding and committed, with suitable circumstances, is willing to welcome Brenda into their home for her golden years. After all she has lived through and overcome, we won't ever give up looking for a home for her..... If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please fill in an adoption questionnaire and a member of the rehoming team will be in contact. Once we've had a chat an appointment can be made to meet the dog.

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