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Jenny is one of our special girls Currently in the most incredible of foster homes where they just adore her and would keep her but sadly we have discovered she really needs another calm dog in residence, one she can lean on when she finds it all too overwhelming. Jenny is supremely indifferent to cats, so a resident feline needn't worry about a temporary guest! Jenny hasn't had it easy, waiting over 7 months to find a family of her own, then injuring her paw, delaying everything even longer. Her paw has healed and now she needs someone extra special to continue helping her blossom. Jenny, despite a past no dog deserves, is super clever, super funny and super sweet. Jenny comes alive during training sessions, she just loves them responding to clicker training and finger touching with a waggy tail and asking for more please! but Jenny is a trickie, she is not ready for anyone to touch her, at all. If you can accept Jenny as she is, respecting her hard won boundaries and limitations, if you have a very secure garden she can pop in & out of and if you are willing, with full support of our training team, to continue gently positively working with her for a month please fill out a Foster or Adoption Questionnaire. Full support will be given by our trainer to anyone who can foster her. She needs access to a very secure garden as she's not comfortable with having a lead on just yet. Being a special lady, she needs a calm canine companion who can be there but have respect for her personal space. Our Special Jenny needs a foster home with: ✔️ A calm resident dog. Jenny doesn't interact much with the dog in her foster home but she's always happy to see him when he comes back from walks. She's never been without dogs in her life so it's important that she has a canine pal to help her feel more secure. ✔️ Jenny is not house-trained so a fosterer will need to use puppy pads for now ✔️ A potential fosterer needs to understand and accept where Jenny is at right now. She is not comfortable being touched or being handled at all. Our trainer has been working on other ways to build her confidence and will spend time with a willing foster going through a plan to help build Jenny's confidence. ✔️ Jenny is only just getting used to a home environment, so she can be a bit noise sensitive, so it's important she goes to a quiet adult only home. She's quite calm. She's fine with the kettle, washing machine and TV but sudden noises can startle her so she needs someone who will be understanding that the world is a scary place for her right now. ✔️ Jenny loves her food and is happy being handfed. She also quickly appears when she hears the sound of a food bag!? She also loves having food from Kongs, Lickimats and other puzzle toys which are important for her to have. ✔️ A foster home around Galway as who understands her fear of cars. We have had so many success stories over the years with rehabilitating our Tricky dogs. We know that somewhere down the line that we will be sharing happy updates on Jenny, in a forever home, but right now she needs someone compassionate to help her through this traumatic time. Please share Jenny's story and let's make a miracle happen for our incredible girl.

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100% of your donation goes to your chosen charity across most network operators. Some operators apply VAT which means a minimum of €3.25 of €4 will go to your chosen charity. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 0766805278

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