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We have had quite a few urgent appeals lately but each dog really has been an emergency case. Thanks to you, our caring supporters who have shared those appeals, because several of those dogs are now in foster homes or have been adopted. Often because people happened to stumble across a post shared from one of our social media pages (thank you) so please do continue to share our posts and help us to continue finding homes for the dogs in our care. Tonight we need your help again. This is Gypsy. He's a very tall, super handsome hound collie mix who is only two years old. He's such a sweetheart...he really is. The kennel crew are all smitten with him and feel very bonded to him in a short space of time. He's a smiley lad out on his walks and very responsive to our chats with him! Gypsy arrived at someone's home a year back and decided he was staying put. The kind man tried to find an owner without any luck, so even though taking on a dog wasn't in his plans, he saw that Gypsy had some issues and really needed help. He also knew that Gypsy would likely struggle to find a home for a long time, if he ended up in a rescue shelter. A year on and the caring man has to emigrate and knew that without doubt that Gypsy would not cope well moving abroad and living in an urban area. So it was with great sadness, he made the decision to contact us and we can only thank him for his compassion towards Gypsy because he has always acted in Gypsy's best interests. Thanks to him Gypsy can now walk on lead, is much more trusting of people and he's house-trained. He will also happily sit if you have something yummy to pay him with! Gypsy is desperately unhappy to find himself in our shelter. He just wants to be with a human who understands him. There's a few things to know about Gypsy: - Gypsy is a very needy boy. His former human worked hard on Gypsy's separation anxiety and made great progress, but it's clear to us that Gypsy will need a human who is at home a lot (ideally someone who works from home and would like a constant friend by their side) and someone to cuddle up to in bed. Gypsy is really into snuggles with people he knows and trusts. - Gypsy is not comfortable around children and will need an adult only home. - Gypsy is not always comfortable around other dogs and can be reactive, though he is gradually getting more comfortable with one of our female dogs here, so it's quite possible in time that he could live with another dog. - He will need to live in a rural area. He gets very stressed out being in an urban area with dogs and people constantly going past the house. - He's a big boy and it's absolutely essential that he gets placed in a home with high, secure fencing. We know these are very specific requirements and we know that it lowers his chances hugely of finding a home. However we strongly feel that there is someone out there who will be the perfect person for Gypsy. We just need to find them. We don't know what kind of life he led before he choose his last human, but it's clear that he's led a sheltered life and wouldn't cope well with too much hustle and bustle. He's looking for a quiet home with a human who can give him the time and love he craves. Please share. It's a matter of urgency that we get Gypsy out of shelter environment and into a home as soon as possible.



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100% of your donation goes to your chosen charity across most network operators. Some operators apply VAT which means a minimum of €3.25 of €4 will go to your chosen charity. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 0766805278

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