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* Booked * #SpecialAppeal #TrickyAlex Behind every dark cloud the sun still shines, waiting for the right wind to blow the cloud away. We are delighted to tell you that the cloud hanging over our "Tricky" boy Alex is FINALLY moving away........ After almost TWO YEARS at our shelter, he is learning to trust us. He was rescued from a hoarding situation in 2016 with the rest of his family who were all semi-feral. The last photo is how miserable Alex was for many months as he was deeply fearful of humans. The #Tricky family needed serious rehabilitation and they all progressed at different rates but for several of them we couldn't touch them for took "Tricky" Sam eight months to leave the safety of his bed and finally go outside and it was a major celebration when he finally took a treat from our hand. Now he lives with one of our kennel crew & FB admin team...these days he only gets called a Tricky when he is showing off all the tricks he knows. ;) It took his brother Peter a year before we could handle him and he took us all by surprise as he blossomed into a social butterfly who stole our hearts completely. With help from Border Collie Trust GB he found a home with people who are helping him to thrive every day. It took our boy Alex here even longer to leave his bed. Gradually he started going into our yard with his pals for short bursts. Touching him or putting a lead on him was out of the question. Gradually he became braver. And now over 700 days since he first arrived, he bounds out of his kennel when he sees us and happily follows us around the yard or our specially made #Trickyville pen wagging his tail! :) We spent many long evenings after all the dogs were tended to, scatter feeding him around the yard to gain his trust. He is still not comfortable being handled and he is no-where near ready for a lead but we continue to work on slowly building up his confidence and his trust in his....And it's working!!!! He will now happily eat treats off our laps and arms, although he is still nervous of eating from our hands but that's OK. We don't want to set him back in any way so it's important that he dictates the pace. Progress is happening and we rejoice when we see the little milestones. Having Alex bound towards us wagging his tail and taking treats from us is a joy we genuinely can't even describe! Alex deserves to shine and we would love to get him into a long-term foster home to help with his rehabilitation. He will need to go to a quiet home with someone who has experience with feral or fearful dogs. He can jump our pens so high, secure fencing is a must as if he got out, it would be impossible to get him back. A friendly, confident resident dog is hugely important as he has never been apart from other dogs and his pals here have been instrumental in helping him become braver. He will need someone who will understand he can't be rushed or forced into making progress; rather he needs someone who can gently encourage him along. He won't be a quick fix by any means but for someone who has the time, energy and motivation we feel that Alex could thrive much quicker than he ever can in a shelter environment. It would be a big commitment and if we moved Alex somewhere new after all this time, it will be unsettling for him so we would need someone to commit to him for a couple of months at the very least. None of our team are in a position to give him what he needs right now in a home environment but if you think you can help, we will offer full back up support. We just know he is going to be a star. Can anyone help him shine? ***Alex is one of the members of the "Tricky" family who came to us from a hoarding situation in 2016. The “Trickies” spent their whole lives living in a kitchen, unaware that there was a whole other world outside of this. Being removed from the only environment that they had ever known was deeply traumatic for them. They needed heroes. They needed people to be patient, gentle and compassionate to help them adapt to some level of a "normal" life. They would also need friendly resident dogs to show them the ropes. Secure gardens are a must if you would like to foster one of our Trickies and we will provide full back up support to anyone who can selflessly welcome Alex or Brenda into their home to heal.

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100% of your donation goes to your chosen charity across most network operators. Some operators apply VAT which means a minimum of €3.25 of €4 will go to your chosen charity. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 0766805278

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