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****FOSTER/ADOPT A LESS ADOPTABLE DOG**** BRENDA – Ten years old and living at MADRA for one year and ten months........... It’s never too late to give a dog a second chance and the life he or she deserves...... Collie girl Brenda was one of the trickiest of the large number of the “Tricky” dog family, who were rescued from a hoarding situation in September 2016. This family were extremely under socialised and crippled by fear, even after months in our care. It was particularly difficult for Brenda, as one of the oldest members. She’s around 10 years old, so for her whole life prior to coming to us she hadn’t had much in the way of socialisation with people and the world outside of where she lived. She arrived, like the others, completely shell-shocked and extremely wary of people. She would sit in her kennel, always with her back turned to us, facing the wall with a blank, haunting gaze, breaking our hearts. Over time, she allowed those she trusted to pet her gently and it was clear that part of her enjoyed this but understandably, she would snap if she felt overwhelmed. Rehabilitation for dogs like Brenda are never a quick fix and it can take months and months of routine and patience before you even glimpse a sign of progress, that extra brave step towards trusting humans. Progress was proving to be impossible in our shelter, with such a sensory overload around her. Even after months, we couldn’t walk her on a lead; it was just too big of a jump for her. Fortunately, she went into a foster home, first with the understanding Sonia, who encouraged Brenda butnever rushed her or forced her to be anything other than who she was. She allowed her to interact on her own terms and she had a safe space set up for Brenda to retreat to when needed. She then went into foster with the patient Sinead and Brenda loved chasing her pal, fellow MADRA foster girl Maddie around the garden and actively seeking out affection. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Brenda had to come back to us last November. We are really hoping we can find Brenda a calm long-term foster home where she's accepted for her eccentric ways and where she can live out her days in a loving environment. We won't lie, she's not an easy case but she has lived most of her life in a certain type of environment which we can't erase for her but that doesn't mean that she can't live a full and rewarding life. Leaving the only life she has ever known has left her with fears and insecurities but we believe that with a solid foundation of love, trust, and patience, Brenda can be happy. She has a tendency to bark a bit so a rural location really is a must to avoid upsetting any neighbours. Brenda likes.... * Routine. She trusts routine * Company of other dogs...she loves playing chase & cuddling up next to them * Kongs * Treats - she takes them very gently from your hand. * Walks - once it’s part of a routine - she will settle especially on quiet, country lanes; she has developed a love of car chasing but I believe this can be sorted by somebody who can give her time and gentle training and distractions. * For a shy dog, she actually likes gentle massages.... Brenda is scared of: * Loud noises * Television * A change in routine. Brenda will always have a home in our shelter but after all she has been through, she really deserves a home and a compassionate human of her very own.

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100% of your donation goes to your chosen charity across most network operators. Some operators apply VAT which means a minimum of €3.25 of €4 will go to your chosen charity. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 0766805278

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