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MADRA My name is Boots and I am a bouncy, fun-filled, happy girl who loves life! I am not 100% sure what my genetic make…

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Due to Covid-19, Dog walking visits at the shelter have been suspended for now for health & safety reasons. Your ongoing support and understanding is hugely appreciated.

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A message from Tricky foster mum Gayle:

"An appeal goes up for a fosterer and you think, I could do that, then you read further and you see the word "Tricky" and you immediately think, oh no, I haven’t enough experience, I haven't enough training skills, they will be too hard to cope with.

I didn't have enough experience I still don't have skills in training but I do know a tricky dog is not hard to cope with.

To foster a "tricky" you need space, you need the practicalities like a bed, dog food, secure garden, all the usual stuff but what you need the most is simply patience without expectations.

So often the first few days of a tricky are about allowing them to be invisible, not pushing, not expecting anything at all. But.....even with their heads buried, they are listening, observing, sussing the situation out. All you need to do is carry on your routine around them. I like having them in the kitchen because it is the hub, they might be safe in their cosy cave(crate 3/4s covered) but they can see everything going on without having to move or be approached.

For the first while your only one to one interaction will be food, everything else you allow to be their choice. When they are ready to explore, when they are ready to come to you when they are ready to overcome their fears. The whole time, even though you can't see it straight away, they are becoming used to your presence, used to the sounds of a home environment, discovering they are indeed allowed to choose without expectation. They are learning they won't be pushed past what they can cope with. As they begin to gain a bit of confidence, there are many simple ways to help that grow.

It is also important to realise in all of this, you aren't alone, MADRA will be there to help & advise. The one thing I know when I say yes of course send that tricky one here is I can fully rely on support from the MADRA team.

When I am asked how do I manage with the trickies, no one ever believes me when I say I actually do very little! My routine barely changes I just add in another bowl of food! It is the trickie dogs themselves who do the "work".

If you'd like to try fostering, don't let the word tricky put you off. Don't worry you might be given more than you are ready for, just as the amazing team at MADRA carefully match dog to family in adoptions they are just the same when it comes to fostering." 

Fostering changes lives. After 111 days, Archie is no longer afraid of people and the world around him. He has discovered that the outdoors can be fun. He's discovered toys and zoomies and cuddles with his pals. All of this is possible because Gayle fostered him. At our shelter, he was completely shut down and he would never have flourished there. We have several trickies now who desperately need someone to invest time and commitment into helping them feel safer. 

Fostering changes the life of a dog that no-else has ever stepped up for before. Watching them grow in trust is one of the most powerful things you can experience.


We have been overwhelmed by the number of kind offers we've had to foster dogs while we're in the midst of this COVID-19 crisis and we thank each and every one of them.  We are temporarily suspending new applications to foster while we get back to everyone who has already applied.  We have a number of dogs in our care at the moment, particularly our Cróga family (click here), who need time and rehabilitation at our shelter before they will be ready to move to the next stage of their recovery in a home environment. In the meantime, with our friends at Pet Connection, we have created a small wish list of items that would really benefit these dogs while they're staying with us in Camus (click here)

Pets and Covid-19

The #comfortincrisis campaign is aimed at those who wish to help their community by walking dogs for those who are unable to do so due to coronavirus.

The infographics gives us advice on how to do this safely.





Tyke the older blind collie - Special Appeal

MEET TYKE - 9 year old Collie Gent

We are hoping to help Tyke adjust to this bewildering new life. One of the 30+ dogs from the Croga family, he is not only undersocialised & nervous but also blind. By using sensory objects, high value treats & positive encouragement we will help him become relax...

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Health Reminder for your pets


In these very challenging times, it is so important to plan ahead for any and every eventuality. With that in mind, please ensure that your dogs & cats vaccinations are up to date and particularly the pets of your older relatives. 

This will ensure that you can book the dog or cat into boardi...

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Covid 19 - Important Notice

Rehoming from our shelter in Camus will continue subject to some restrictions due to staff and volunteer availability. As ever, all visits by potential adopters to meet dogs are by appointment only.

Dog walking visits at the shelter have been suspended for now.

Our admin team of staff and volun...

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Next Madra Event

Run to Raise 2020

POSTPONED DUE TO Covid 19 Outbreak Thank you for your interest in participating in the VHI Women...
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We have a range of lovable friendly dogs waiting for their forever home. You are free to come and visit them, and even take them for a walk to get to know them. For more information click here:

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At Madra you can rest assured that 100% of your donation goes to your chosen charity across most network operators. Some operators apply VAT which means a minimum of €3.25 of €4 will go to your chosen charity. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 076 680 5278

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100% of your donation goes to your chosen charity across most network operators. Some operators apply VAT which means a minimum of €3.25 of €4 will go to your chosen charity. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 0766805278

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