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MADRA My name is Boots and I am a bouncy, fun-filled, happy girl who loves life! I am not 100% sure what my genetic make…

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Due to Covid-19, Dog walking visits at the shelter have been suspended for now for health & safety reasons. Your ongoing support and understanding is hugely appreciated.

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In March 2019, the saddest little girl arrived into us... painfully underweight, scared, almost completely bald due to a horrific case of mange which had been left untreated and she had the most painful skin infections. Her case was particularly upsetting for our team, who witnessed her obvious distress and discomfort. We called her Holly and we promised her we would do whatever it would take to help her feel better. We knew her road to recovery would be a long one. The sun shone down on her the day she left our shelter to go into foster with Jean and John, the kindest people you could ever wish to meet. There was nothing they wouldn't have done to help Holly from sitting up with her all hours when she couldn't sleep from pain to giving her medicated baths, to constant love every painful step of her tough journey.

Holly is a completely different dog now and loves running on the beach these days.🙃However, her health issues will be ongoing.


Her vet bill curently stands at €2,000. Her happiness and comfort is well worth it but we're struggling to pay for this bill, on top of all the other vet bills we have. Vet bills are by far our biggest expense and although we hate to ask,we really need help with Holly's bill. See details at the end of the post if you can donate the cost of a coffee towards Holly's care.

Here's what Holly's family said about their brave girl:

"Holly joined our family 16/03/19. She was a very sick little girl who needed a lot of tlc and a quiet place to recover. Holly had mange, skin infection and was underweight. Our treatment plan was bathing Holly twice occasionally three times a week with special shampoo. She was on antibiotics and was treated for ticks and mites. She took antihistamines occasionally. The first month was very difficult and upsetting watching Holly scratch to the point where she would bleed. She had no hair and had open weeping sores. I changed her bedding every day. I bought baby gros and stitched them to size to try protect her skin (she wore them reluctantly) mostly at night. I tried joy, but worst of all she had to wear a cone which she absolutely hated. Sitting up at 3am trying to distract her from crying and banging her head to get the cone off. Not being able to pick her up or cuddle her without wearing gloves was really hard.😢

During that first month Holly had little energy and was fearful.. not wanting to venture far but she accepted us doing all we had to do to help her.

By April 12th Holly’s hair started to grow and her energy levels were improving and she was scratching less..we were so delighted. We stopped Piriton and she was given anti itch medication for two weeks and treated for an ear infection. Holly was put on a special diet.

Through April/May, Holly improved but her skin became very dry, which led to her scratching more. We changed shampoo. We tried coconut oil, cat grooming mit (now that she had hair). She had bloods taken that showed infection still present so she remained on antibiotics and anti-itch meds for another two weeks.

Unbelievably on May 25th Holly went into heat and couldn't be be spayed because of her infections. Through most of June, Holly was doing really well and putting on weight and her energy levels were good but had to remain on antibiotics and anti-itch meds. Towards the End of June/ July, Holly’s skin problems deteriorated. She was scratching a lot to point where her body was wet. She was uncomfortable. After growing all her hair back we had to cut it to see if that would help.

On August 2nd, after results of skin scrapings, we changed antibiotics to target three different bacterial skin infections present. Holly was now on more meds. Her diet was changed again. From August 6th Holly was now taking steroids and receiving antibiotics by injection. August 19th Holly had bloods taken for allergy testing. On September 2nd, results came back. Holly has allergy to tree and weed pollen and borderline for dust mites.

Holly had to be weened off steroids and we tried a different an anti itch medication. On September 19th she received first of two injections.

At the moment, Holly is on a prescription diet. She receives regular treatment for ticks and mites.She is still on very low dose steroid every other day. She has received her first cytopoint injection..we are hoping for the best..and she is still on antibiotics. We still have to bathe Holly once a week most weeks.

Writing this, I’ve just realised how far we’ve come. She’s a wonderful little girl. She adores the beach, playing with her toy pig and loves other dogs. She’s been through a lot..she’s a real brave. She’s a happy girl who plays rough and loves her Daddy.

We couldn’t imagine our home without her🐾"

That last line sums up their love for Holly. Thank you Jean and John for showering Holly with love from the moment she arrived to you. One of her canine carers met Holly recently out and about and didn't even recognise her....!!!!She now has a healthy coat, her eyes sparkle and she is HAPPY.... certainly not the same dog we remembered all those months ago who broke our hearts.

Holly's life has been utterly transformed in less than a year. We're so proud of her. We feel honoured to have helped her become a happier dog whose life is not longer one of misery and pain.

If you would like to help Holly too, please donate through this post to help with her vet bill.

‼️ or you can follow this link for our bank details where you can make a one off payment or set up a direct debit or pay through PayPal.

‼️ TO DONATE €4 TEXT MADRA to 50300. (100% of text cost goes to MADRA across most network providers. Some providers apply VAT which means that a minimum of €3.26 will go to MADRA.)

Thank you all,

Team MADRA and Holly 💙🐾

Pets and Covid-19

The #comfortincrisis campaign is aimed at those who wish to help their community by walking dogs for those who are unable to do so due to coronavirus.

The infographics gives us advice on how to do this safely.





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Covid 19 - Important Notice

Rehoming from our shelter in Camus will continue subject to some restrictions due to staff and volunteer availability. As ever, all visits by potential adopters to meet dogs are by appointment only.

Dog walking visits at the shelter have been suspended for now.

Our admin team of staff and volun...

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100% of your donation goes to your chosen charity across most network operators. Some operators apply VAT which means a minimum of €3.25 of €4 will go to your chosen charity. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 0766805278

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