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Dog Proofing Your Home

Dogs, especially young ones or untrained ones, are like children and will get into everything. This can be very stressful for you and at worst, your house can be deadly for your dog. The kitchen and garage need to be dog proofed. Kitchen cleansers, soaps, drain cleaners will kill your pet if ingested. In the garage, detergents, cleaners, anti-freeze, paint removers, garden supplies such as weed killers, snail bait, fertilizers etc. can all be deadly. Bathrooms also contain similar items. Be careful. The garden can also be a dangerous area. There are many plants and bulbs (inside and out) that are poisonous. It is very important that you check for mushrooms during damp weather as these can be lethal with only a small amount. Dog-proofing your home also means making sure that you have secure high fences and gates that are locked. And remember, chocolate is also deadly to dogs so keep it out of reach.

Mission Statement

MADRA is a Connemara based dog rescue & re-homing facility whose ultimate and overall aim is to ensure that all dogs have permanent, loving homes. MADRA works to educate members of the general public to have a responsible attitude towards dogs and their welfare and to help create a world where no healthy, good-natured dogs are killed merely because they are considered to be a surplus number.

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