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First Aid

  • Car Accident: Move dog from roadway with blanket; seek veterinary aid.
  • Shock: Calm the dog; keep him warm; seek immediate veterinary aid.
  • Nosebleed: Apply cold compress to the nose: apply pressure to any visible abrasion.
  • Bleeding: Apply pressure above the area; treat wound by applying cotton pack.
  • Heat Stroke: Submerge dog in cold bath; cool down with fresh air, water. See a vet.
  • Frostbite / Hypothermia: Warm the dog in warm bath, hot water bottle or electric blankets.
  • Abrasions: Clean wound, wash out thoroughly with fresh water; apply antiseptic.
  • Burns: Place the affected area under cool water; use ice if only a small area is burnt.
  • Bee Stings / Insect Bites: Apply ice to relieve swelling; antihistamine dosed properly.
  • Animal Bites: Clean any bleeding area; Apply pressure until bleeding subsides. Go to vet.
  • Antifreeze Poisoning: Immediately induce vomiting by using hydrogen peroxide.
  • Fish Hooks: Removal best handled by vet; Hook must be cut to remove.

Remember - an injured dog may attempt to bite a helping hand from fear and pain. Always muzzle the dog before trying to offer assistance.

Mission Statement

MADRA is a Connemara based dog rescue & re-homing facility whose ultimate and overall aim is to ensure that all dogs have permanent, loving homes. MADRA works to educate members of the general public to have a responsible attitude towards dogs and their welfare and to help create a world where no healthy, good-natured dogs are killed merely because they are considered to be a surplus number.

Members of the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes

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