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#SpecialAppealNo2 #TenMonthsWaiting The Notorious B.I.G. here but you can call me by my street name BIGGIE! Yes, yes I used to be called Screech but the peeps here decided that I needed a re-brand and truth be told I was relieved to hear it because it's been 10 long months of waiting since I first arrived to MADRA and I am losing hope that anyone is ever gonna pick me. I am one of the longest dogs here and the humans say I deserve a home of my own to curl up in.....but I spend night after night in a kennel. So.....I decided that a small chap like me who likes to think of myself as a big macho lad, needed a worthy name so....BIGGIE it is....and with a name like that you know I come jam packed full of attitude and a BIG personality.....well hey, street cred is important for a lad like me. And here is the part where I may lose some of you but I just have to be honest with you. You see, I have some issues and I come with some very specific demands which you can read all about below; BUT......... Please don't let my issues put you off me. The humans picked me up in the pound 316 days ago and they have no idea what happened in my past life which makes me behave in the way I do sometimes. You see, the thing is when I like someone, I adore them and truthfully to them, I am the most loyal little man around. I am super waggly, my whole body shakes and I will do anything to ensure I can curl up on your lap for a cuddle and a snooze. The problem is...I don't like everyone I meet and there's no way of knowing what triggers me....but with those people, I get a bad feeling and react by barking and snapping at them if given a chance. So you gotta be super careful with introducing me to people as I have teeth and I know how to use them.....that is a deal breaker for a lot of people and I get it. I'm not for everyone but that's OK. I just need one person who will take a chance on me. One person who will keep me safe and ensure I don't get myself into situations where I can nip people if I feel threatened. I know it's a big ask but I have so much love to repay anyone who will take the time and the management I need to ensure I can live safely and happily in a home. Folks, can anyone out there think of someone who can handle my BIG attitude???? Peace out, BIGGIE ****CHALLENGE FOR YOU!***** Screech here. Do me a favour and read to the end. OK, here's the thing, the humans receive THOUSANDS of adoption applications for me daily and they don't even have time to read them all.....(well.....**some** of this information might be a **slight** exaggeration on my part). Anyway, I can only conclude that the humans haven't deemed these home offers suitable for such a high-ranking celebrity cuddly lapdop/occasional ankle biter. I refuse to accept their protestations and lies that there aren't any home offers. I mean, anything less than a thousand people fighting over who gets to adopt me would be disappointing if I am honest. Hundreds of dogs have arrived and left since I arrived here nine months ago. I have a bit of an ego you know so feeling unwanted isn't nice for me. Despite my devastatingly handsome movie star looks (seriously where are the Hollywood agents who are looking to discover new talent?!!) I am still living at the MADRA shelter. I am here NINE months. NINE. Baffling isn't it? I can't get my head around it. I am a bundle of cuteness, always up for a cuddle and a game of tug. Now of course the humans will tell me that my lack of home offers is down to my......."ISSUES"...oh come on, so I take an instant dislike to some people and like to attack their ankles...and so I turn into Cujo on a lead when I see other dogs (despite the fact that I have happily shared kennels with everything from smallies, to collies AND a husky living here!) They are minor things in my head. The humans...well they disagree. I went into foster for a while with one of my MADRA carers who can't resist my constantly waggling little body. That was fun and all and we have a really close bond now. You see, when I love and trust someone wholeheartedly, I am the most loyal man you could ever wish for. Me and my foster mum agree that peanut butter, walks and naps are simply the best things in the world BUT sadly we disagreed on cats and their place in the home. I believe they should be outdoors, FAR, FAR away from me. She laughs and says I am a cheeky little so-and-so but she's undeterred on the cats so I am back at the shelter waiting for my happy-ever-after. So to sum conclusion is....I am 100% amazing and you would be so incredibly lucky to have me in your life as your best friend. I would light up your Instagram page like you wouldn't believe. And your world? Well, let's just say I am ready to rock your whole world. In saying all of that, I fear that my name is putting some people off me so I am looking to re-brand myself. Can you humans think of a suitable name for a super star munchkin like me??? I get it....the name "Screech" is a bit alarming to you I'm sure. I don't get what the humans were thinking of when they named me Screech. Now I won't hold a grudge or anything, they get a bit overworked and tired some days so I won't give them a hard time.....but I would really like a new name. I will pick the best name suggestion and then I will instruct the staff to take new photos of me....I'll pull out all the stops, pull the most endearing poses, posing this way and that way and work that camera until I know I have enough photos to make someone fall head over heels in love with me. Almost NINE months and give me your best name suggestions now, GO!!!!!!!! :P P.S In case any of you were worrying.....let me inform you that I am a very clever little cookie and it won't take me long to get used to my new name. It's a small price to pay for a shot at happiness...........SPECIAL APPEAL - *** With Madra for over nine months. Here's a list of ten reasons why you SHOULDN'T adopt our Chihuahua/JRT, Screech... 1.) He has a shockingly bad name (OK, yes, this one is 100% our fault, we must have been lacking coffee after that particular pound pick up) 2.) Behind that innocuous little bundle of cuteness is a BIG ATTITUDE 3.) If he doesn’t like you, straight up, he will bark, growl and nip you 4.) He thinks cats are demons from hell 5.) He doesn’t like to share his toys 6.) If you’re looking for a nice little dog to walk the Prom with, forget it...! Screech turns into Cujo when he meets dogs out and about 7.) He is a “busy” little man ;) 8.) He will steal all the couch throws for himself...he hasn’t acknowledged it yet, but he is most definitely part cat 9.) His recall is hit and miss 10.) He holds the firm conviction that human beds were designed specifically for him to bury himself all the way under the duvet. Phew....! Now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way....let us tell you that despite his “quirks,” we all adore Screech. We really do. And if you're still reading, you must be intrigued. You see, we don’t know anything about his past life which might help us understand why he behaves in the way he does. What we do know is that if he loves you, he is the ultimate lap-dog and will be 100% trusting and loyal to you. His little tail is like a propeller, it never ever stops wagging when he is around those he loves, He doesn't walk but instead, he waggles absolutely everywhere. Oh and as soon as you sit down, he will appear; claim your lap as his and curl up for a cuddle and a snooze. :) Did we mention that he’s a lazy sod? He would love lazy morning lie-ins while you catch up on Netflix. He loves sleeping in his crate too but he is also a magnet to human beds. ;) He loves travelling in the car too and loves going to work with his foster dad. He loves his toys, teddies and as you can see from the photos, he also loves carrots. :P We are working on his issues but full disclosure, this little pocket rocket marches to a beat of his own drum and needs a VERY savvy and dog-experienced person to adopt him. Someone who won’t take their eye off the ball with him. Someone who won't bat an eyelid when he starts roaring like a lion when he spots a dog on lead. Someone who will be committed to working on his issues and making sure all introductions to new people are done carefully in case he reacts badly. We KNOW somewhere out there this little guy has a match. He would suit a home where there aren’t many visitors coming and going. It goes without saying that he won’t be able to live with children although he has liked the ones he has met visiting his foster home but it’s a risk we are not willing to take in order to keep him and others safe from his nipping. Despite his on-lead reactivity, he can quite happily live with other dogs...(particularly ones he can use as PILLOWS..) and ones who are chilled out and don't mind that he will be the BOSS. He also needs to live in a quiet area. He is currently in foster with his fellow MADRA brother, "Tricky" Sam who adores him. However Screech is stressing out the resident cats and will have to go back to the shelter soon. We really want to avoid him spending any more weeks or months at our shelter. Now we know his demands are very specific but after nine months of waiting, he surely deserves a chance...we certainly think so.... If you would like to know more please fill out an Adoption Questionnaire on under the Re-homing section.

I'm a lad who likes the finer things in life, like belly rubs (AN ENDLESS SUPPLY PLEASE!), playing ball, and especially cuddling up with my favourite humans. I'm very responsive to what the wonderful volunteers tell me and I'm very quick to learn. My ideal home would be where my wonderful human is home most of the time as I am such a little snuggly little maneeen who wants to be around people all the time. I love attention and tenderness and really, I just LOVE to cuddle more than anything in the whole world. Yes, I know I mentioned that already but I just want to make sure you are FULLY PREPARED FOR MY CUDDLES!!!!!!!!
I am just so happy to be taken care of an to feel safe in your arms. I also have a playful nature. I adore playing with toys so I would love it if you got me some toys of my very own. I am a busy boy and I like to investigate my surroundings. I will never say no to a walk but I won't be demanding endlessly long treks, sure look at my teeny, tiny legs!!! ;)
I have been known to nip the odd person or two that but I actually adore the majority of people I meet. Honestly! But....because of this little problem, I will need someone experienced to adopt me so they can help me deal with this.......erm, we will call it a "little issue". Now don't go getting all worried and silly thinking we can't work this thing out. It just means you need to keep an eye on me and keep me away from people you know I don't feel comfortable around. It should go without saying that an adult only home would be best suited for a little nugget like me!
Do you think you can make me a part of your life? I am dreaming of finding a life to settle into ASAP so I can start again. I will do a happy dance every time you come home and truly, you'll wonder how you ever managed to to navigate life without me by your side. 

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