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MADRA 1yr George is a v special sprollie.Arrived as a stray with damaged hip from an RTA.Following surgery and crate rest…
UPDATE - Molly has been with us for 10 weeks and desperately needs someone to give her a chance. She is a sweet, affectionate collie who is only about 2 years old. She hasn’t had the easiest start as she came to us with a dislocated hip and has since undergone surgery. She is still in recovery which means that she is getting controlled walks twice daily. Ideally, she would also be doing water walks but this isn’t always possible in a shelter environment. Molly is improving but her recovery has been slowed by the hot weather, meaning she couldn't always be walked, and by 1 or 2 other minor set-backs. However, we are hopeful that in a stable home with consistent exercise she will flourish. Molly can be timid initially but is quite easily won over. While in foster, her confidence grew every day and she had lots of love for her foster mum. But she can get spooked by certain noises or lights, so she would be best suited to country life in a home without young kids. As a collie, she is quite energetic and clever and will need regular exercise beyond her recovery. Molly is doing her best to recover, while coping being in kennels, but she needs someone to give her the love and security to heal and move on to her life as a happy, healthy dog. *** SPECIAL APPEAL *** Hello everyone. My name is Molly (yes, yes I am “Molly the collie!”) and I would appreciate it if you took a couple of minutes to read my story. I really don't like having to do this but I am coming to you, cap in hand, with TWO favours to ask of you today. Like so many other dogs in recent weeks and months, I arrived at MADRA from the pound. The humans noticed I wasn’t putting any weight on my right hind leg. I was in a lot of pain so I was so relieved when the humans brought me to Barna vets and Eilish, a vet there, advised that I had a dislocated hip on my right side. Two vets attempted to put it back in place...thankfully they put me under a very deep sleep for that so I didn’t feel a thing. Sadly that didn't work though. They thought my injury was a few days old, probably from a car accident and they said that something called surgery would be needed to be done. I can’t remember what happened...I have had a tough couple of weeks and I have blocked out the most painful parts. The kind lady Eilish sent the x-rays to James at Ark Vets. He advised that surgery to repair with pins would cost about 850 euro, at a MADRA rate, and the success rate for this in a medium sized dog is 85-90%. So, this is my first favour I must ask of you folks. That is quite a lot of money to spend and while the humans didn’t hesitate in booking me in for my surgery, I know the cost has caused them to worry. I know the humans don’t put out an appeal for every surgery they have to pay for but in this case, I was hoping you might be able to help them out with the cost of my surgery. You can see how to donate here: or you can donate directly through Facebook. I would be so grateful for every euro sent my way. I promise to keep you updated on my progress over the coming weeks and hopefully you will see me flourishing. I hope you will get to know my personality as everyone here says I have the most gentle and loving nature, despite having such an awful time. Thanks to MADRA and some very kind vets, I only have the future to look forward to and want to make a difference in someone’s life. So if you can spare a few euro to help me out then please do, it would mean so much to me to be able to take some of the worry away from the humans here. I will confide in you.....I was very scared about the surgery but the vets were so calm and reassuring. I had a femoral head arthroplasty. Big word but basically what I was told this means, is that it was a surgery to repair my dislocated hip injury. The nice vets told me healing will be ongoing for the coming weeks and that I must be on strict cage rest for another week. I am back at the kennels now where I can only go out for short five minute toilet breaks. Everyone here has been giving me so many compliments saying what a lovely, sweet girl I am and keep praising me on how well I am handling crate rest. Collies and crate rest don’t generally tend to go hand-in-hand! I am just relieved to not be in so much pain but I won’t lie.....crate rest is really difficult and I do feel quite down. I get lots of Lickimats and peanut butter Kongs but as I am sure you can imagine, it’s not an easy place to chill when there is always so much hustle and bustle going on...and you know us doggos want to be involved in any action going on. And this leads me to my second favour to ask of you...... The humans are very keen to get me into a suitable foster home for recovery as the kennels are really not the best environment for healing because it can be stressful here. In a home environment, during this time, mental stimulation and having company can help my recovery hugely. I will need someone who will provide me with toys and who will ensure I have padded bedding and most importantly, someone who will ensure to take great care of me as I recover from my surgery. After my crate rest, which will be two weeks post operation, I will be on a controlled exercise plan, gradually building up from fifteen minute twice daily walks. I will need a controlled exercise for at least five weeks before being allowed off-lead. During that time I can start short water walks. I know it sounds like a lot, but please don't be deterred......I promise you that support and advice will be provided by the humans on my exercise regime and my vets can be consulted if there are any issues at all with my recovery. I just really need someone who has the time and patience to give me the love and care I need right now. Life has been a complete whirlwind lately...from my old life, to my accident, to living in a and now living in a busy shelter on crate rest. I am wiped. I would love and I so desperately need somewhere quiet to recover from all the physical and emotional trauma of the last few weeks of my life. Can you offer me a calm space to recover? If you can, please fill out a Foster Questionnaire here: I would be so grateful if you could share my story. I hope my next update from you is sent from a loving foster home. I am only around two or three years old so hopefully I can recover soon and get ready for a new only be pain-free and to find a forever family who will cherish me all the rest of my days. Lots of love, Molly xxx

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