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* Special Appeal * Our "Tricky" boy Peter had his first sleep-over from the kennels, with one of our staff members recently. He has been living in our shelter for a year and a half so this was a big deal! We talk a lot about our "Tricky" family because we are amazed and proud of the progress these dogs have made since they arrived to us a year and a half ago. Most have gone on to live in loving homes in Ireland and Germany. They arrived to us, completely feral, after being rescued from a hoarding situation. They were absolutely terrified of us for a long, long time. They didn't trust us to touch them and any visitors to our kennels last year will remember how sad they all looked.....they just sat in their beds, withdrawn and completely shut-down. Truth be told, we see a lot of scared and terrified dogs arrive through our doors and gradually in time, they generally learn to trust us. We tried so hard for months on end with this family and for the younger ones like Sam, Peter and Alex, who had very little human interaction, prior to coming to us and we got no-where. We didn't know if we could ever show them a life filled with joy, where every single thing, noise and new person wasn't something to fear. Well our boy Peter here took a long time to win over....a whole year in fact! He has blossomed in the last few months and his waggy tail for us now makes us dance on air. He loves running around with his pals and he is very affectionate with the people he trusts. However he is still painfully shy and he is only just getting better with his lead work, though we are slowly and constantly working on this. He is a very special dog and deserves a life outside of our kennels. He has come so far but working with him in a shelter environment means progress is always going to be limited. When he was out in foster care with our staff member recently, for a few days, for a break, it was his first time in a normal home environment so things like the T.V. scare him but once he has a safe place to retreat to, he's fine. He loves being rubbed once you have gained his trust and he followed his foster-mum around the garden, grateful for any bit of attention. He is a little dote who needs a calm household with someone kind, to give him the time, love and patience to gain more confidence, so his world can be opened up a lot more. Equally important for Peter is a consistent routine day-to-day. He will also need someone who can gently encourage him in his progress but not push him. He relies on other dogs to give him confidence so it's absolutely essential that he goes to a home with friendly dogs to help show him the ropes. He's very clean indoors. Due to his lack of confidence, he is needy and will need someone to help him work through this. He has a very sweet and gentle nature. We believe he will flourish if we can find him a suitable home. He will need a 100% secure garden, that is essential as we would worry he would panic somewhere new and try to escape. We will offer full back-up support to anyone who can commit to fostering this boy, even for a month or so. Living in our shelter, should only really be a pit-stop for dogs along their journey, but for Peter, it's home......and we desperately want to change that. He is such a brave boy and we want to see him grow as brave and cheeky as his brother/uncle "Tricky" Sam. Photos by Tracy Kirby.

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100% of your donation goes to your chosen charity across most network operators. Some operators apply VAT which means a minimum of €3.25 of €4 will go to your chosen charity. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 0766805278

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