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1,000 paws needed

 For a sponsored Prom walk in aid of MADRA


Jessie needs a home

Could Jessie be in your gang........................................

Do you have:

•A large garden in which she could run around.

•Maybe another sociable dog with whom she can play.

•No small kids, she hates to be startled or spooked.

•Someone around during the day.

•Live in a quiet area. 

If so, then read on; but be warned, you may need a cup of tea, it’s a long one................

We have a special appeal to all our followers for Jessie; a lovely Collie girl who has been with us since last year. We know most of you follow the stories of all the dogs and it's so heartening for us all to see them booked quickly and settled into their new homes; sometimes in a matter of a week or two. 

But there are other dogs; perhaps not quite so pretty, or quite so easy, or so appealing; dogs who may have had an injury or perhaps a trauma of some kind, who are constantly passed over. 

These too deserve the chance of finding a warm safe place to call home, perhaps even more so given what they have survived; difficulties and stresses which we find hard to imagine. 

One such dog is the lovely Jessie; some of you may remember her as the Bramble Bush Mum. She was found on the side of the road fiercely defending her litter of tiny pups close by in the ditch. After a heroic and patient rescue bid carried out by a group of our volunteers, Jessie and her brood of 10 pups were safely transported to Sinead’s home for foster care whilst she raised the little ones. She proudly and with great care raised her huge brood and saw them all off to loving forever homes. 

However; poor Jessie had seen some dreadfully dark days before coming into our care and still bears the emotional scars. She will need an understanding and considerate new owner. She requires very little really but may not be exactly what the average person wants in a pet. 

What we are looking for therefore is a person who may be in a position to consider helping Jessie for Jessie's own sake, and be willing accept her as she is, whilst helping her to reach her potential. 

Sinead has been fostering Jessie for the last 8 or 9 months and really feels she has come on so much in her confidence building. She says Jessie comes alive on her walks, she just loves the wind in her coat and Sinead says you can actually see the tension drop from her. However, Jessie is best walked in low stimulus environments where she can sniff and explore at her own pace, without lots of other distractions which can sometimes wind her up. Jessie could be walked off lead as once she knows and trusts you, her recall is excellent. She could be part of a pack of a few dogs or indeed could work as on only dog.

Jessie hates loud noises or sudden starts, she particularly hates the sweeping brush and cowers away at the sight of it, best not think too much why that may be! So a home without kids is a must for her, even regularly visiting kids wouldn’t be great. Jessie just really hates to be startled. She gets very upset if she meets barking dogs on her walks. She also doesn’t like close handling, like having her ears examined for instance.

A home where the routine is pretty structured is a must for Jessie. She likes to know what is happening and when. She will adapt to new situations and new people but it takes her a while and she needs to visit a new place a few times before she becomes comfortable; on the up side, she does love travelling in the car.

To Sinead and her family’s distress, they are unable to keep Jessie after August and we despair of her coming back to the kennels. She is a dog simply not suited to kennel life and whilst her physical needs will be met and catered to, her emotional needs simply can not be, this is why we now desperately appeal on Jessie’s behalf for a safe long term foster or forever home.  

Please, please, have a long think and see if Jessie could fit into your life and you into hers. 

MADRA will offer full back up & continuous support.


MADRA Dogathon Update!

Dear two-legged and four-legged friends!

Only one more sleep to the MADRA Dogathon 2014! We hope that you are all as excited as we are about seeing so many paws on the prom in aid of our rescue dogs.

From everyone at MADRA we would like to thank you for registering to take part in this fundraising dog walk, and to all of the dogs that have been busy using their puppy dog eyes to raise sponsorship, we salute you!

We would like to use this opportunity to remind you of a couple of things that you need to do when you arrive at the Claddagh Hall on Sunday (May 18):

1. Please go to the registration desk within the Claddagh Hall so that our volunteers can sign you in and give you your Doggy Bag.

2. If you have been collecting money with a sponsorship card please return this envelope to our volunteers at the registration desk. We would appreciate if you could let us know how much money your dog has raised in sponsorship by 7pm tomorrow evening (Saturday 17) so that we can officially inform the Canine Grand Marshall in advance of the walk- please email the sponsorship amount raised to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. Although the walk starts at 1pm we would appreciate if you could be at the Claddagh Hall no later than 12.30pm to sign in. The registration desk opens at 11.30am, and if you come early you can sample some of the fantastic home-baked goodies and have a nice cup of tea and some doggy chit chat!

4. The walk will start from the Claddagh Hall and go along the Salthill Promenade to Blackrock. This distance may not be suitable for everyone, and you will see some signs along the route with 'Turning point for little legs or short paws' - walk as far as you feel is right for you and your companions and if you can, come back to the Claddagh Hall for refreshments after.

5. Please ensure that you keep your dog on lead at all times and keep a safe distance from other dogs and walkers. Watch out for signs of stress in your dog.

6. Please allow time to find suitable parking near the venue and do not block any driveways, access routes etc. If you cannot find 'on street' parking you may need to go to a car park nearby. Be considerate of other road users and pedestrians before, during and after the walk, and please stay safe.

7. If you need medical attention or any other assistance please alert one of our MADRA volunteers - stewards will be identifiable with blue MADRA high-vis vests.

We hope that you enjoy the day and make sure to bring your raincoats - we know that a little drop of rain won't put you doggy folk off! If you have any friends or family that would like to attend bring them along and they can register on the day.

1,000 Paws Needed for MADRA Dogathon

1,000 paws needed for sponsored Prom walk in aid of MADRA

MADRA Patron Sharon Shannon with Edel Comerford (Chairperson) and Eileen Keleghan (PRO) of MADRA at the launch of the MADRA Dogathon which takes place on Sunday, May 18th in Galway city.


World-famous musician and MADRA supporter Sharon Shannon is calling on dog owners to sign up to take part in the MADRA Dogathon event which will take place on Sunday, May 18th, from the Claddagh Hall in Galway city at 1pm.

The Dogathon event is a well-known meeting of mutts previously organised by Cope Galway. This year the lead has been handed over to MADRA to help raise some much needed funds for our dogs.

We are hoping to exceed our fundraising target of ‘One thousand paws on the prom’, and we urge the people of Galway to go online to register for this promenade walk which starts and finishes at the Claddagh Hall.

Speaking about the event, MADRA Chairperson Edel Comerford said: “This sponsored dog walk will not only help us to raise some much-needed funds for the dogs in our care, it will also act as an opportunity to help us celebrate responsible dog ownership. 

“We also hope to welcome back some of our old MADRA residents. It is so heart-warming for us to see our former kennel residents out-and-about with their new families.

“We are always amazed by the support that we receive from the people of Galway. There are definitely a lot of dog-lovers in the city and county, so we are hopeful of reaching our target of one thousand paws on the prom” she added.

To register for the event log on to

Registration is €10 per adult, €5 per child, or €25 for a family (two adults and two children). All dogs go free but pooches are encouraged to raise sponsorship for dogs in need either online via or by requesting a sponsorship card from MADRA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The dog that raises the most sponsorship will be made the ‘Grand Canine Marshall’ of the Dogathon and will appear in the MADRA 2015 calendar.

Exhibitor space is also available for hire at the venue – for more information contact Eileen Keleghan on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Run to raise fund for MADRA

Run for MADRA and help to rescue hundreds of dogs

Local dog rescue charity MADRA is asking people participating in marathons, mini-marathons, road and adventure races to raise sponsorship for dogs in need.

The organisation, based in Camus in Connemara, rescued 834 dogs last year at a cost of €150,000.

The dogs rescued by MADRA come from a variety of sources: from the general public, from local authority pounds, veterinary clinics and dogs that are rescued from cruel and abusive situations.

MADRA works with both Galway and Mayo County Council and since 2005 the Co. Galway put-to-sleep rate has fallen from 83 per cent to 14 per cent. Similarly, in Co. Mayo, MADRA has helped the council to reduce its put-to-sleep rate from 72 per cent in 2008 to 11 per cent in 2013.

All dogs rescued by MADRA are neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated and wormed, with some dogs requiring additional non-routine veterinary care to treat injury or illness.

Annually, MADRA receives four thousand euro from the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government, with the remainder of the running costs being covered by special fundraising events, grants, donations from members of the general public, and revenue from the two charity shops in Moycullen and Westside.

To run for MADRA email Eileen on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a sponsorship card or setup an online donation account via 


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