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Adopt a shelter dog GalwayWe want to set you up with the right dog for you and your lifestyle - please fill in our Adoption Questionnaire which will give us some more information about you and the kind of dog you are seeking.

Alternatively, you can contact us by texting 086 814 9026. Please bear in mind that because of the volume of calls we receive we cannot always answer the phone, so texting is the best option.

Due to the heavy workload of our volunteers and staff it is sometimes possible for a text or email to fall through the cracks - we can only apologise for this and urge you to please make contact again if you have not heard back from us within a day or two.

Once you have made initial contact, you can come to view a dog by appointment at our kennels in Camus, Connemara or we can call to you.

All dogs will be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and a home check will be conducted. A free training session comes with each dog in order to ensure the best start possible.

Our Adoption Contract must be agreed to and signed, and an adoption donation of €150 per dog is recommended to help us meet our annual running costs.



If you are interested in fostering one of our dogs instead of adopting, you can also fill out one of our Foster Questionnaires.



About me

  • Name Keesha
  • Gender Female
  • Approx. age 3 years
  • Breed Pitbull X Collie
  • Description Keesha is my name. I am a lovely PitBull Collie mix girl of about 2 years old. Previous to coming here to live, I lived with a lovely family who loved me to bits and were very good and kind to me. So I have had no trauma or hardship in my past, nothing to make choosing me to join your family any sort of risk or leap of faith. I come to you with no baggage at all, save the upset of leaving my home. I am a fun girl, confidant and secure in my own skin. I have what is called "strong breed" in my genes, so I will need a home with folk who know and understand what that means. They will know I need a secure garden and lots of fun out there. They will know that I will need company and interaction. My PitBull genes will make me just the best playmate for slightly older kids ( I'm a bit big for very small ones, I could knock them over) and my Collie genes will make me the smartest dog on the block. I only want to go to a home where I will be included in all the comings and goings of the family and treated like a full family member. I won't do well being left to my own devices and I'll be honest, I don't think the folk here will allow me to go to anything but a 5 star home. They say I am far to nice a dog to have to compromise. So simply put, unless you can offer me a home indoors with you all, playing in the garden with my kids, traveling in the car with you on trips, running on the beach just for the sheer fun of it........ Best not apply. I am a 5 star girl, destined for a 5 star home. We are based in Camus, Connemara, Co Galway All dogs will be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and a home check will be required.

Mission Statement

MADRA is a Connemara based dog rescue & re-homing facility whose ultimate and overall aim is to ensure that all dogs have permanent, loving homes. MADRA works to educate members of the general public to have a responsible attitude towards dogs and their welfare and to help create a world where no healthy, good-natured dogs are killed merely because they are considered to be a surplus number.

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