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Adopt a shelter dog GalwayWe want to set you up with the right dog for you and your lifestyle - please fill in our Adoption Questionnaire which will give us some more information about you and the kind of dog you are seeking.

Alternatively, you can contact us by texting 086 814 9026. Please bear in mind that because of the volume of calls we receive we cannot always answer the phone, so texting is the best option.

Due to the heavy workload of our volunteers and staff it is sometimes possible for a text or email to fall through the cracks - we can only apologise for this and urge you to please make contact again if you have not heard back from us within a day or two.

Once you have made initial contact, you can come to view a dog by appointment at our kennels in Camus, Connemara or we can call to you.

All dogs will be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and a home check will be conducted. A free training session comes with each dog in order to ensure the best start possible.

Our Adoption Contract must be agreed to and signed, and an adoption donation of €150 per dog is recommended to help us meet our annual running costs.



If you are interested in fostering one of our dogs instead of adopting, you can also fill out one of our Foster Questionnaires.



About me

  • Name Sandy
  • Gender Male
  • Approx. age 6 years old
  • Breed Collie X Labrador Retriever
  • Description Meet Sandy, a little ray of sunshine! He's around six years old. He has just come back to the kennels after a lovely foster break with Aileen. Here's what she had to say about him: "Hi! I have a few pictures of Sandy who is a relatively new Collie X boy that I've been fostering for the past week. Here's just a little about him if ye want to put up a little post: 🙂 He's a great boy who wants to find a good spot to watch all the goings on or just walk by your side on or off the lead. He's easy going, and absolutely loves his belly rubs. That doesn't mean he has lost his puppy streak though! He would ideally need a big, secure garden to run around and have collie mischief in. 🙂 Unfortunately he has to go back to the kennels but I guess that means lots of people will get to enjoy him there and hopefully he'll find his forever home."


About me

  • Name Picky
  • Gender Male
  • Approx. age 7 years old
  • Breed Jack Russell Terrier
  • Description Well, you should know that I am a really friendly little man and like most JRTs, I just love to be involved in absolutely everything that’s going on around me. Oh and I'm not called Picky because I have a picky nature, in case you are wondering about's actually a nickname of my original name which isn't English! I might be 8 years old but I am always up for a spot of investigating! I am very playful and my favourite part of the day is when the humans play with me in our outdoor pen. I love playing fetch or anything that involves having toys thrown in my direction! Sometimes I am just so excited to play that I forget to bring the toy back and it makes the humans laugh. I have lots of canine friends here too so I could happily join your household as a second dog. I'm just not keen on overly boisterous dogs. I’ll be honest and say that while I’m a happy-go-lucky boy, I wasn’t too keen on children in my previous home. I just find them a bit too unpredictable and for my stage in life, I would rather be the giddiest one in the room! Other than that, I promise you I am truly a dream companion. Sadly I’ve been told that my age may put some people off but can I just ask you to please give me a chance? I adore my daily walks and cuddles. I love to have a potter around but I'm not demanding and I understand that you need to come and go for work but I'll happily chill out and wait until you get back and we can have fun together. So....what do you think???

St Nick

About me

  • Name St Nick
  • Gender Male
  • Approx. age 8 yers old
  • Breed Collie X German Shep
  • Description The soulful eyes and smiling face of St. Nick. Sadly he is one of our longest residents here and also one of our oldest dogs. He came to us after he was found straying before Christmas. He is a loving and cheerful boy who is adored by everyone who meets him. There must be a loving home waiting for him somewhere?


About me

  • Name Barney
  • Gender Male
  • Approx. age 2 Years old
  • Breed Merle Collie X
  • Description Meet our blue merle collie Barney! He is only around two years old and his tail never stops wagging! He is much smaller than he appears in his photos and he is so gentle with everyone especially the smaller children who visit the kennels. <3


About me

  • Name Brenda
  • Gender Female
  • Approx. age 8 or 9
  • Breed Collie
  • Description This is Brenda, who came from one of the two sets of hoarded dogs that came into us last month. Brenda is perhaps the oldest of the 17 dogs who came from the hoarding situations and a member of the hoarded group that had the hardest time of it. Some of this family were so bad, that the authorities had to make the difficult decision to put some of them to sleep there and then, as they were in such a bad way. The remainder came here to us and all are proving a tough bunch to gain the trust of. Brenda shares her kennel with the most difficult of all these dogs and is actually a model of bravery and sociability in comparison to him. Brenda seems to understand about people and will come up and take a treat form your hand and let you touch her. We know she will come on if given a chance. All that she needs is a nice enclosed garden, a garage or a dog house to sleep in, lots of lovely food and treats and the space and time to approach you at her own pace. She would live quite happily in a very secure back garden until you can gain her trust enough to take her on walks. She's good with other dogs, so wouldn't mind sharing at all. Brenda is around 8 or 9 years old and wants so little from life - nice food, a warm place to sleep and some quiet companionship without any pressure. MADRA will happily provide all the back up desired if anyone could find it in their heart to offer her a space and help her in the next stage of her recovery. Brenda is your chance if you have ever dreamed of helping a dog truly selflessly, as we can't guarantee that she will ever become a lap dog, but we do guarantee that any little thing you do for her will be truly appreciated and will change this little old dog's life after eight or nine years of hardship.


About me

  • Name Keesha
  • Gender Female
  • Approx. age 3 years
  • Breed Pitbull X Collie
  • Description Keesha's words - (Keesha - Pitbull/Collie X - 3 years) I’m a lover, not a fighter. I’m a kisser, not a biter. Do you know what someone told me here? They said that the media sometimes likes to portray us goofy and sensitive pitties as aggressive! silly is that?! Surely everyone knows by now that a dog's behaviour is a reflection of their humans influence? I’ll tell you pitbulls are the biggest lapdogs going! So can you believe, because of our looks, that it’s incredibly difficult for my breed to find homes if we end up in a rescue shelter? That seems really unfair to me, to judge someone based on their looks alone rather than their personality. And personality....well, just wait until you get to know mine! ;) Indoor Keesha: Well when I’m indoors, I’m the most perfect girl you could ever find! I’m super, super smiley! I just love people and my tail never, ever stops wagging when I’m around you lovely humans. I’m used to a family home so I just want to cuddle and play with the humans all day long. I love a good game of Tug of War or Fetch and I nearly always win! I love showing off my toys to my humans! I am house-trained, gentle and I love giving my paw as I know you humans love that. I can sit, heel and more. I’m also happy to just chill out in bed too whenever you ask me to go there. I’m extremely intelligent and will need someone who will keep my sharp brain stimulated and won’t leave me alone for long periods. Maybe we could do some agility training together??? Outdoor Keesha: Ok, so it here goes. I’m going to be truthful and explain why I still haven’t found a forever home yet. You see....anything that moves; a bird, a cat, sheep even a donkey in the distance and whoosh....I’m gone! Once something catches my eye, that’s it, I can’t help it but I just have a powerful urge to chase it. You see, just imagine the chase instinct of a collie wrapped up in the strength of a pittie and that’s me. As well as my high prey drive, I’m not used to other dogs so I tend to react quite badly sometimes when I come across them. This rules me out for living in town and enjoying long walks on the prom. I will need to live somewhere quiet with Keesha proof fencing so I can’t go chasing anything. I am also really strong when I’m on the lead so I will need someone who is physically able to handle that and is also willing to put work into helping me improve on it. So that’s it. Even with my issues, do you think you could still love me? The people here are caring but I get severe, painful pangs of loneliness each time they put me back in my kennel. As fine and all as it is here, it’s no substitute for having a human of my own to love and cherish every single day. I’m looking for a fun (because I’m quite the messer myself!) and active, plus strictly pet-free home. It’s absolutely crucial that I find someone who has had previous experience dealing with a strong, reactive dog. I know my criteria is very specific so I understand I’m not for everyone. If we are a match, it won't take me long to make myself perfectly comfortable in your world. And when I clumsily make my way onto your lap, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without me!!!!

Mission Statement

MADRA is a Connemara based dog rescue & re-homing facility whose ultimate and overall aim is to ensure that all dogs have permanent, loving homes. MADRA works to educate members of the general public to have a responsible attitude towards dogs and their welfare and to help create a world where no healthy, good-natured dogs are killed merely because they are considered to be a surplus number.

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